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2017 Never Been a Time

2017 - Home Going

A 3-channel documentary suite about Washington Park Cemetery; an historical representation of the African American Church and as an autonomous institution founded in a segregated society. Home Going: a Musical Celebration, (38-minutes), History as Commemoration, (87.22-minutes), History as Pursuit


2017 Gone, But Not Forgotten with Sarah Cato

A segment of History as Commemoration 



A segment of Home Going: Musical Celebration, featuring CoCo Soul.

2015 Modern-Day Debtors Prison


2015 The Little Rock 9 with Terrance Roberts



2014 Jim Crow to Barack Obama

2014 Nile Swim Club: Pride, History & Family Values

The Nile Swim Club in Yeadon, PA is the oldest private African American swimming pool in the U.S. This short video tells the story of how 'The Pool' got started.


2010 Heir Sewing

84-year-old Mozell Benson shares her ideas about design and quilt making.


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Music video. The one-of-a-kind busses in Haiti are artistic masterpieces.


2009 - Being Born Is Marvelous & I Always Wanted To Be A Teacher

Rosina Ward recounts her happy memories of her family. Her daughter Denise, the producer & director of JIM CROW 2 BARACK OBAMA .


2008 - Farewell Old Lady

Filmed in Kumasi, Ghana, the documentary chronicles a traditional Ashanti funeral.