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An independent transmedia company that seeks to promote truth and social justice through a synthesis of art, historical facts and a chorus of community voices.


2015 The Little Rock 9 with Terrance Roberts

2015 Modern-Day Debtors Prison

Gone, But Not Forgotten with Sarah Cato

Being Born is Marvelous & I Always Wanted to be a Teacher


Intergenerational, Community-Based Films



Jim Crow to
Barack Obama

A new era was ushered in with the election of Barack Obama that begs the question “How have issues of race and racism changed in the United States over the last one hundred years?”

This project seeks reflection from 2 groups. The first: African American elders who are at least 75-years-old having grown up in the now extinct era of Jim Crow. The second: young people ages 16 through 25. The youth will conduct video history interviews with the octogenarians.

Our intention for JC2BO is to engage in a constructive, inter-generational conversation about race in America. We will examine the past, access the present and talk about the changes we envision for the future.